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Are You Stuck in the Mud, or Wallowing?

What a great time to reflect...

How are you tracking against the goals you set earlier this year? Are you nailing them, are you stuck in the proverbial mud, or are you just wallowing?

And by the way, there is no shame in being stuck, or if you have lost momentum and focus and find yourself wallowing, hey we have all been there at one point in our lives… directionless and drifting. The only shame would be for you to stay there.

Personally, I have achieved some of my goals, and I’m tracking against others, and some I haven’t even started yet… but all of them are in focus.

But most rewarding of all, for me, here are some of my coaching clients wins so far this year;

1 Client tracking well against their £5 million turnover goal.

1 Client succeeded in overcoming a significant self-image mental blockage that was trapping them in fear and preventing them from showing up as the best version of themselves and earned themselves a £100,000 additional annual salary increase on a project for the next 5 years.

1 Client has earned themselves a £10,000 salary increase on the back of finding the courage to ask for a promotion.

1 Client has started a new business and is in the process of hiring 3 new staff.

And… I recently received an excited phone call from a client who 4 months ago, was feeling frustrated, undervalued, stressed, and angry. Who after coaching with me to resolve their frustrations and believe in themselves more, has just changed career path and after an interview, was awarded a job that more than doubled their salary… they couldn’t contain their excitement and wanted to share the great news and thank me for believing in them.

So if you are off the pace, temporarily stuck, or have yet to break the inertial and start achieving the success you deserve, perhaps you need a nudge in the right direction.

As a gift to get you thinking differently and to lift your spirits here is an insight into some of the things I share with clients on How to Unlock Your Potential

Download it here, grab a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy!

Now reset your intent and nail your goals.

PS. If you would like a FREE no-obligation 45-minute call with me to focus-in specifically on your challenges, I have a number of call slots open over the next 2 weeks, drop me a message and secure yourself one, my Easter Gift to those of you who are serious about your goals.

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