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Our Emotional Needs Video No. 7

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Video Number 7 Our Emotional Need for Achievement & Competency.

Are you Incompetent and underachieving in life?

Enjoying a sense of achievement and of our own competence gives us valuable feedback.

When we feel like we have learned something our brain rewards us, it recognizes learning and achievement of any kind and rewards us by releasing Dopamine, the brains "pleasure chemical.

If we feel we are under-achieving, and not progressing or reaching the acceptable levels of accomplishment and achievement, or we feel that we are putting effort into important areas of our lives, work, relationships, etc, but do not feel like we are achieving the results we aspire to and are not rewarded by recognition and a sense of achievement, it has been identified as a driver of low dopamine and increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and can lead to psychiatric disorders.

Experiencing success breeds confidence and more success. Even slow progress is progress, and we must remember to celebrate our successes and reflect with gratitude on our competence and achievements.

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