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Image by Bruno Aguirre

Feeling as if there's no way out

Depressed people commonly perceive themselves as having no options, no way out of their depressed thinking and therefore powerless and hopeless. 

Chronic stress and excessive anxiety lead to a debilitating spiral of low self-esteem, and low morale.

Their brains are under so much pressure to release the build-up of excessive emotional arousal from their constant negative introspection, that their sleep is hijacked by their subconscious.

It creates disturbing metaphorical scenarios in dreams or nightmares in an attempt to clear some space by processing/discharging unresolved emotions in order for it to create some capacity and head space to deal with the impending day.

​The loss of peaceful restorative sleep which is vital for normal functioning on a day to day basis additionally robs depressed people of their resilience. They wake up more exhausted than when they went to sleep. A vicious cycle is established.

The best therapy addresses and is in-tune with the unmet needs of the person suffering.

This takes a little more time working with the person to lessen the amount of stressing and worrying. 

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