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Relationship Difficulties

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Pressures on Relationships

The pressures of life… Chronic stress, Post-traumatic stress, Emotional distress, Exhaustion and Burnout, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Financial Debt and Depression all take a toll on our ability to enjoy healthy relationships.

Being flooded with stress hormones affects our ability to think rationally instead we are hijacked by strong emotions and survival instincts. 

This can be expressed by a tendency to be intolerant of things we normally would take in or stride.

It can lead to outbursts of frustration and anger directed at those closest to us, our loved ones at home in our safe environment where we should feel free to be ourselves, and in our relationships with friends, or it can cause us to withdraw and retreat from engaging with family and friends.

Therapy is always directed at the underlying cause and at enabling communication to happen to express what is going on in a supportive non-judgemental way.

When we are in a position to give and receive attention and our emotional needs are being met across all areas, there is no propensity to develop a mental illness and we are free to enjoy our relationships.

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