Client Testimonials


Thank you for all the support over the last year to get where I am today.

Without you I would certainly be in a much darker place and most probably wouldn’t have made it this far.

You are an amazingly wonderful human being and you have directly contributed to the saving of another human life, mine.

Please congratulate yourself. You did something amazing in supporting me. Thank You!                                          ~ R. (Former Yorkshire Regiment & RMP Close Protection – Iraq)

I was fortunate to meet Andy McMenemy at a time when I was hit with an extremely severe mental illness which led me to financial catastrophe and imminent suicide.

Even though I am a former British Elite Special Forces veteran, I felt that I was beyond recovery.

Fortunately, Andy was deployed to assist me. He compassionately and sensitively assessed my levels of trauma, and provided immediate professional intervention which stabilized my mental state, and gave me headspace and ability to breathe again.

He then identified the root causes of my mental health issues and provided me with world-class mental health treatment in the form of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to support me in gaining back control over all aspects of my life.

Thanks to his treatment I have recovered and am putting my life back on track and can now deal with issues as and when they arise. Words fail me when it comes to how much I owe this legend.                                                                      ~ M. (Former Royal Marine & SBS - Global)

Following my service in the Royal Engineers, I have experienced approximately 15 years of at times serious mental unwellness. After serving in Iraq in 2003, my health quickly deteriorated over around 4 months to the point where I was downgraded to P0 following a serious psychotic episode and an attempt to take my life. I was subsequently discharged from the Army in 2005 as 'unfit for service'.

Following my discharge, I was referred to Professor Lee at Guys Hospital, where I was diagnosed with PTSD.


In the 5 years which followed my discharge, I attempted to end my life on two more occasions. I was seen by various Crisis Teams, Psychiatrists and CPNs, all of whom ended up passing me around for further therapies or drug treatments. I moved house many times, never being able to find my roots and settle down, and also experienced a bout of homelessness. During this 5 year period, I was unable to work due to the extent of my poor mental health. I experienced dark depressions which were so severe that I would not eat for weeks at a time, I could barely get myself from bed to the bathroom and needed to be looked after. I withdrew from all contact with people, struggling to even get to a shop to buy food at some points. I spent a long time on cocktails of antipsychotics, anti-depressants, and sleeping tablets, all to no avail. I experienced many self-harm injuries over this time also, including lacerations to my wrist which were so severe I needed emergency surgery to reattach my tendons.


Between 2010 and now life has been very tough. I spent 5 years living on a remote farm so that I could stay away from people and this gave me some much-needed respite from my fears and difficulties.  I have been on anti-depressants for much of that time, but never managed to ever get to a point where I felt completely well, and I have had many relapses in my health, the most recent being last year. I had no interest in anything. I was working but this was out of need rather than want and was the only thing which really kept my head above water. I was a functioning depressive, managing to mask my symptoms which during autumn and winter last year became severe again to the point where I was having suicidal thoughts every day and had even made arrangements to end my life.


I reached out to a Facebook forum, which had been set up by an ex-soldier after his brother took his own life. I posted in desperation on there, and Andy McMenemy reached out to me in response, offering me a lifeline. He explained who he was and gave me some background, and invited me to do my own research on him which I did. Andy and I then had a couple of telephone conversations and he was sure he would be able to help me to recover.

I was incredibly sceptical, and although the conversations I had with Andy were extremely helpful, I could not bring myself to trust him enough to begin any form of treatment, as I had been let down so many times before, and I wasn't sure I believed that Clinical Hypnotherapy could even help me.


Around 6 months passed and I got to the point where I was so desperate for help having tried to access treatment through my GP and failed to even get a face to face consultation over the course of around 9 months. I contacted Andy once more and asked him for help. We talked several times on the phone, and also via Skype video calls. I also agreed to have a session of treatment with him to get rid of some of my more bothersome memories which were causing me to return to traumatic scenarios in my head over and over again. I entered this treatment session very unsure that it could even help me, but willing to give anything a go at that point. I was astounded to experience something which has been nothing short of miraculous. I immediately felt relieved of a huge amount of trauma and guilt, just from the one session and the conversations I have had with Andy, where he has talked me through my experiences and explained the process in which my brain has 'misfiled' traumatic memories allowing me to recollect them as if they were fresh memories over and over again. The treatment which he has given me has changed my life so dramatically in such a short space of time that for the first time in 15 years, I can categorically say that I do not feel depressed any longer. I still have some residual issues which require working through, but the main trauma in my head, the revisiting of horrific scenes from my military service, has gone. It's almost as if the memories I had are in the dim and distant past now and I have to work hard to even recollect some things which I know had been very troublesome previously.


Andy continues to offer me support and encouragement, and we are shortly going to embark on another therapy session together to allow me to heal even further.  I am under no illusion that without the treatment I have received from Andy in the form of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I may have experienced another attempt of suicide, which may well have succeeded. At the very least I would still be in turmoil, still suffering from severe depressive illness, flashbacks, and nightmares so real that even the smells were intense, and periods of insomnia so crippling that I almost got to the point where I needed to give up work again.


Instead, my confidence and my health have been so boosted by the feeling of energy and wellbeing that I applied for, and achieved, a job as Head of Health and Safety for a large company, a position which I am due to commence in the coming weeks. My relationships with my family are slowly healing, and many people have commented on my enthusiasm for life again, something which has been heartbreakingly missing for many years.


To say I am grateful for Andy's intervention would be an understatement, and I do not hesitate to recommend his Clinical Hypnotherapy services to any of my ex-colleagues and military acquaintances who have experienced long term psychological trauma and depressive illness like I have. The treatment I have received is nothing short of miraculous and will always be grateful for having my life returned to me without the need for more drugs or invasive interventions by yet another medical team who do not have the skills or knowledge to understand the complexity of the military trauma I experienced.

K. (Former Royal Engineer - Iraq)

Words fail me, when I try to express my gratitude and debt I owe to Andy for finally helping me to forgive and to let go the misgivings of my past that have driven the last 35 years of my adult life and into the present. My life up until recently can only be described as horrific drama series.


From the tender age of 10, I’d been dragged up and not brought up. I suffered mental abuse, violence and countless other forms of torture beyond comprehension. I was brought up to believe that I was the lowest form of existence because of my gender, my race and that I was surplus to society’s requirements. Furthermore, I was frequently called a wog and paki from people on the street and was bullied and beaten at school through primary and secondary school.


I had to deal with emotional black mail and death threats from non-other than my own mother. Her way of controlling me. I can only say that by comparison, prisoners at least have basic human rights. I had none. My sole purpose in life was to get her to love, respect and be proud of me. The only attention I ever got in return was at the end of a shoe, cricket bat, or being locked away in our pitch black dark cellar from dusk until late at night only to be taken out for a beating!

My parents controlled my existence; I actually believed they could read my thoughts!


My family blamed me for encouraging my abusers. How does that work then? My family even led me to believe that I was responsible for my father dying as I caused him nothing but grief. Now that is a corker to live with!


All my life, I thought that if my parents couldn’t help and protect me, then no one could, so I just tried to get on with it alone and became my own advisor, my own university.


I spent 35+ years trying to prove my worth, getting an education, climbing up the career ladder, buying expensive trophy items, creating new businesses, and making them successful ventures was no mean feat, but if it meant showing the world and more importantly, my family, that I am worth something, then surely the journey would be well worth it? I think not.


This journey was contaminated with more lows than highs and I thought I was the best placed expert to council myself. In those days, the councilors I saw may as well been a wall for the use they served.


My paper and pen on the other hand was my best friend, I wrote to ‘paper’ regularly then threw it away. A cathartic way of telling myself; “Go on, get it out, chuck it away then move on!”

But in reality, all it did was file each and every tragedy into an ever building ‘hard-drive’ in my mind waiting to overload and burn out because it was increasingly running over capacity.

I thought I could cope with anything and to ask for help was like admitting I was pathetic or weak in some way. How wrong was I?!


In 2016 the net result was, I suffered a mini-nervous breakdown and subsequently diagnosed with chronic fibromyalgia, a mentally and physically crippling condition. The pain was terrible, I couldn’t eat, sleep and became a somewhat recluse. I feared losing the 2 people I loved the most, my son and my husband. Most importantly, I feared not being there for my son who was my reason for living. I was on a downward spiral finally the hard drive was burning out. My consultant Rheumatologist prescribed with a cocktail of opioid medications that turned me into a person that just existed with no pleasure, nor focus of any kind.


My business had suffered financially and many decisions were driven by emotions and feelings rather than a balance between feelings and my rational logic. The years of bullying suffered during childhood manifested itself in my career and business where I allowed it to continue.


I had to do something, this was no life. I closed my businesses to be at home doing nothing for the first time in 35 years!


I remember that first call to Andy was the hardest thing I ever did, but the best thing I ever did. I was on my way to self-destruction, mentally, in business and in my physical and emotional health.


After our first meeting, I could see that Andy just wanted to help me; I could see how passionate he was about his profession. He resonated with me.


I had to accept that using anger as a driver to succeed may have brought satisfaction in small doses but the gratification was short lived.


It’s almost as if I relished in creating the chaos that kept my mind so occupied that I didn’t have time to think about anything else, most importantly me! That turned out to be a recipe for disaster.


Andy showed me how to interpret and understand how my past was influencing my present and predicted future; he then provided me with the right tools to finally come to terms with and let go of the past.


As an entrepreneur - I can’t help thinking, I wished I’d found him sooner! Any business people reading this will understand how valuable a commodity our time is. 35 years is more than a life sentence!


Thanks to Andy’s help, I managed to reverse the symptoms of Fibromyalgia in just 9 months, unprecedented!


I now have fallen back in love with a challenge and have channeled my fiercely competitive energies correctly. I forgave all the perpetrators of abuse in my past life and have learned how to effectively close down all the ‘open apps’ one by one, that were draining my resilience and life energy in my brain though clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and coaching with Andy.


Talk about feeling light headed with relief! My brain has almost rebooted and restored optimal performance (Aged 50 something) I now process things much quicker, I’m more decisive than ever and have stacks of enthusiasm and energy a bit like a new gadget with loads of free uncluttered memory.


Thank you Andy - you are a fantastic therapist and coach, and you are a great friend. I would highly recommend you to anyone and any entrepreneur out there, it’s never too late to get help and reset yourself.                                                     ~LR. Entrepreneur, Harrogate, Yorkshire

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